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Week 4 Previews Friday, May 4 2018

Week 4 Previews – All games at Eisenhower Park Starting at 10:30 am:


Series 1, @ 10:30 am, Field 14: Hammerheads vs. Panthers.  The HHs are a team who is just trying to figure their way in the CSL world amongst all the experienced teams who carry more experience.  While Captain Owais knew that winning will not come easy coming in, it does seem his players are gaining more confidence each day.  The match-up this week versus the Panthers will not be relaxed, as the Panthers can rope the ball with the best of them, as they are led by Leo, Junior, and the other veterans like Shafi and Amin.

The experts are expecting a sweep mainly because the offense of the Panthers is too powerful.  However, if the Panthers falter on defense, the Hammerheads have a chance at an upset.  Game 1 we see it close.  Game 2, the Panthers should settle in and win going away.

Score Prediction:

G1, Panthers 12, Hammerheads 7

G2, Panthers 15, Hammerheads 4


Series 2, @ 10:30 am, Field 15: ButcherZ vs Tigers.  Tigers will have their new orange uniforms ready for this one but we do not see Chris and company being too competitive versus the veteran and versatile Butcherz. 

The experts see the Butcherz hammering the ball all over the place.  The Tigers may have a few heavy hitters but at the end, the Butcherz offense and infield defense will be tough to overcome.  The X factor for Tigers will be to be patient at the plate and hit the ball away from Ray. 

Score Prediction:

G1, ButcherZ 16, Tigers 11

G2, ButcherZ 9, Tigers 4


Series 3, @ 10:30 am, Field D: Thunderbirds vs. Wildcats.  TBirds camp is very excited these days.  Team leaders have brought in a nice mix of young and veteran talent.   So far, they are performing as expected and can beat you by the long ball or small ball or even on defense.  Their opponent this week are the Wildcats who are hungry for their first win.  The Wildcats have the talent but circumstances have adversely affected their chances thus far.  Let us see if this is the week, they get their first win. 

The community expects a lot of offense sprinkled in with great defense.  The TBirds are expected to sweep with this roster. 

Score Prediction:

G1, TBirds 13, Wildcats 9

G2, TBirds 12, Wildcats 10

WEEK 3 GAMES CANCELED Sunday, Apr 29 2018
All Games are canceled today due to poor field conditions. They will be made up and rescheduled for a later date. Thank you for your cooperation.
Week 3 Previews - Weather Permitting Friday, Apr 27 2018




Attention Members.  There is rain in the forecast for Friday, which may result into the delays to the start time or even a postponement of the games on Saturday.  Please look for updates via website, WhatsApp group for CSL, or your captain.



Weather permitting; here are the Previews for Week 3:

Series 1: Thunderbirds vs ButcherZ, Field 14 @ 10:30 am.

These two powerhouses have been battling it out for the past two seasons and all they have in common is advancing to the finals and losing to the Spartans.  This series we expect some solid offense and nifty defense.   Both teams feature a superb infield led by Ibrahim of TBirds and Ray (reining MVP) of the Butcherz.  On offense, there is a multitude of sluggers from both sides.   Kunal of ButcherZ is always a threat and of course Ramy of TBirds, Mr. CSL has yet to make any outs.

The experts see this as a fun battle with both teams winning and losing one.

Game 1: TBirds 16, ButcherZ 8

Game 2: ButcherZ 9, Tbirds 6


Series 2: Tigers vs Panthers, Field 15 @ 10:30 am.

Both teams come in winless.  The Panthers have a very strong team led by Leo and Tony aka Mo.  The Tigers are trying to find their way with likes of Rob, Saiful, Carlos, and Chris.  The talent is there for the Tigers but the experience of Panthers may prove too much for the upstart Tigers.  At the end, we see Leo, Junior and Amin leave an impression of what they are all about. 

The experts predict a sweep. 

Game 1: Panthers 17, Tigers 9

Game 2: Panthers 12, Tigers 5


Series 3: Spartans vs Hammerheads, Field D @ 10:30 am.

The Hammerheads are having fun despite the 0-4 start.  Nevertheless, how long can you have fun while losing?   This week it will not get easier as they are playing the defending champions Spartans who are still extremely talented on both sides of the field led by Noor and the Captain Junior himself.

While the HHs have Moody and a few others who seem to have some good skills, the experts cannot envision the Spartans skipping a beat here.  Sorry Captain Owais.  You do get an A for effort.

Game 1: Spartans 19, HHs 6

Game 2: Spartans 22, HHs 7

Tbirds Flying Thursday, Apr 26 2018

WILDCATS ARE READY TO ROAR! Wednesday, Apr 25 2018


Despite a slow start their new LOGO is ready and they promise to be better in next few weeks!

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Team Win Loss
Spartans 16 2
ButcherZ 14 4
Wildcats 10 8
Thunderbirds 9 9
Panthers 7 11
Tigers 6 12
Hammerheads 0 16
Team Player Avg
Thunderbirds Ramy Abdelhamid 1
Panthers Tony Martinez 0.955
Thunderbirds Karim Mozawalla 0.875
Spartans Joseury Lopez 0.867
Panthers Kunal Sra 0.833
Thunderbirds Ibrahim Mozawalla 0.815
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