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Crescent Softball – Season 11 Rules – Revised April, 2018


1. TIME LIMIT:  All regular season games will end after one hour and 30 mins of play.  RUN RULE: If a team is leading by 20 or more runs at the end of the 3rd inning (equal at bats), or by 12 runs after 5 innings (sudden death) the game will be considered forfeit.


2. UMPRES DISAGREEMENT: The umpire has the final say in all on field calls.  Prolonged arguments with the umpires will lead to ejection.  NO EXCPTIONS.



3. RUN RULE: If a team is leading by 20 or more runs at the end of the 3rd inning (equal at bats), or by 12 runs after 5 innings (sudden death) the game will be considered forfeit.


4. PITCH COUNT: One and one count will be used in all games. If you hit a foul ball with 2 strikes, you do NOT get an extra strike. You will be out. This includes the playoffs.


5. OFFICIAL GAME: Official regular season game will be 4 full innings. If a game is shortened because of rain or time limit, 4 full innings will be an official game. No equal at bats are needed if the game is called after 4 complete innings. For the playoffs only, if the game is called at any point, a makeup game will be scheduled to finish the game. The makeup game will resume and continue exactly from the previous game was called). Same game situation.


6. COURTESY RUNNERS: Courtesy runners will be limited to MAX 3 players per game. The runner must be the last batted out. You may “deactivate” one courtesy receiver in favor of another player (“activated”) who is injured during the game one time during a game in an emergency only.


7. BATTING ORDER: You may bat as many players as you like. The number fielders will remain at 10. You may substitute batters for fielders or players not in the game for other batters and fielders, but the batting order must remain the same. If you take a batter out of the game, and do not have a replacement for that batter, the penalty will be an out the first time up for that batter. If a batter or player is ejected from the game, the team will receive an out every time that batter is due up at bat.


8. PITCHING: The pitching distance shall be 50 to 56 feet. The distance from home plate to the pitching mound will be 50 feet minimum. The pitcher may pitch from as far back as 56 feet. The pitcher may move forward or back within this 50 to 56 ft. range. The pitching arc is set from 6 feet to 12 feet.


9. FOUL TIP: Foul ball must be over the batters head to be caught and called out.


10. DESIGNATED HITTER: There is no DH in this league--If you play the field, you must bat.


11. BANNED BATS: We will use the National ASA banned bat list. It is the managers and players responsibility to check any and all bats used to make sure they are legal. If a banned bat is used, the batter and the manager will be ejected for the remainder of that day and the next doubleheader. If an umpire or the league coordinators are not sure if a bat is legal or altered, it may be removed from play. In addition, the league coordinators and or Long Island ASA Commissioner may remove any bat that appears to be legal, but is reacting out of character and determined to be dangerous from play and be banned from use in this league. A bat must be free of audible rattles when shaken. If it sounds like there is something loose or any sound of something coming from the inside of the bat the bat will be removed from play.


12. GUESTS – No more than 5 at all times on the field.  This will be enforced in the Post Season.


13. CURSING / CONDUCT- All players are to adhere to local Park regulations, reframe from alcoholic beverages, and profane language on or near the fields. Any assault on an umpire will be automatic ejection from the league. Foul language or threats to another player may result in ejection at the discretion of the umpire and possible future suspensions by the league. Cursing will result into a warning. After that ump can eject a player.


14. CSL JERSEY – If a proper jersey is not available at the very least a player must match the color. If not, one run is given to opponent for each violator.  This Rule will take effect at week 3.  Until then, teams should wear similar color jerseys.  No outisded league shirts will be allowed

15. ROSTER FREEZE – No additional player(s) can be added after the fifth week of play. A player must have attended at least one by a team’s fifth game.  Trades or players that have been released are allowed up to week 7.

16. ACCOLADES: MVP, Best Pitcher, Sportsman, Finals Trophies, Finals MVP, All Star MVP.  Winners will be selected by Panel of Captains.

17. ALL STAR GAME - Day of Finals - Selected by Panel

18. PROTEST. In the event a game needs to be protested, both team should play the game and protest the game after ward. If a team refuses to play due to a protest, that team will be given the loss.
Examples of losing a protest:

--If a player is not on your roster or doesn't have qualifying abs, or added after roster freeze, and plays, your team will be given the loss for that protest.

19. STATS. Stats for all players for prior week have to be in no later than the Thursday night (2 days away from Playing Saturday). If a player is missing stats by that cutoff and doesn't have enough qualifying games or abs, that player will be ruled ineligible for playoffs.


20. RAIN OUTS: Determined by the commissioner. Will be announced at least 2 hours prior to start time. Rainouts must be reported to the league as you do game results.


21. STAT KEEPING: Captains must keep proper stats to every game, or have such responsibility assigned to a teammate. A sacrifice only occurs when a fly ball to the outfield (grounders or infield flies don’t count) results in a successful run scored on a tag-up. A player who gets a hit and is tagged out while attempting to extend it to a double or more should be marked down as getting to the last base he safely reached, in terms of stats. E.g. tagged trying to get to 2nd is marked down as a single.



1. Forfeit time is 20 minutes after scheduled game time. Game times as noted on the schedule are to start on time, so that there will be time to play the second game. The second game will start 10 minutes after the completion of the first game.

2. Forfeited Game: At least 8 players must be present on the field and ready to play at the start of the game for a forfeit to be avoided. When there are only 9 players, the catcher must be the 9th. When there are only 8 available, that team still must field the position on plays at the plate, but the opposing team should retrieve pitches.

3. As discussed, each game will end in one hour and 30 mins.  The umpire has the discretion to prolong it.



1. PLAYOFF FORMAT: Top seed receives a bye and seeds 2-6 compete in Rd 1 in best of 3 series.  Tie Breakers will be determined by head-to-head then record vs. higher seeds, then run differential.  All post season series will be best of 3.


In the playoffs, the higher seed will have choice of field, time. The higher seed can select to be the home team for the 1st or 2nd game. If the third game is needed, the higher seed will again have choice of home or visiting team.

Home Team: The home team is determined by a coin toss before the FIRST game. The winner of the coin toss chooses if they want to be Home first or not.


3. AT BATS FOR QUALIFYING. Minimum at bats - 40 or 8 games played by that player.


The commish will reserve the right to overrule on any conflict in order to maintain the integrity of the league.


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