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Week 8 Previews - July 14 Friday, Jul 13 2018

Week 8 Previews – MID-POINT

Series 1, @ 10:30 am, Field 14: Tigers vs. Wildcats.  Tigers mercy ruling the TBirds last week in game 1 shows they are not a fluke.  With Saiful and Jonny setting the tones for Captain Chris and his boys, the Tigers can beat any given team.  Their opponent this week will be the Wildcats who are hard to figure out.  Yes, they have the most powerful lefty lineup but why are they still a middle of the pack team?  Captain Asad has the offense prepared but their defense needs to make the routine plays if they want to compete with the big boys. 

The contest itself we see a split.  The Tigers will exploit the holes and a muster a way to win one of the two games.  The Wildcats offense is too powerful to not win at least a game.  Look for a lopsided score in the game the Wildcats win.  Score Prediction:

G1, Tigers 12, Wildcats 10

G2, Wildcats 16, Tigers 4


Series 2, @ 10:30 am, Field 15: Panthers vs ButcherZ.  Being swept last week by the Spartans tells us the ButcherZ are still not close to get over the hurdle called the Spartans.  Until then, the ButcherZ need to focus on their defense and timely hitting.   The upcoming contest vs the speedy and mighty Panthers will not be easy as the Amin led boys are starting to heat up led by Junior and Leo. 

The community sees this as a sweep for the Panthers because the ButcherZ do not perform well against teams that generate runs via hard liners and speed.  If the ButcherZ want to have success, they need to cut the ball off quick and limit the extra bases for the Panthers.  People like Mike and Leo can convert a single into a triple.  On offense, the ButhcerZ are generating 18 runs a game but for some reason, they do not score as much in the later innings.  Maybe this preview will wake up the ButcherZ.

Score Prediction:

G1, Panthers 14, ButcherZ 12

G2, Panthers 15, ButcherZ 9


Series 3, @ 10:30 am, Field D: Thunderbirds vs. Spartans.   Two veteran teams who have been battling it out for the season will square off in a mid-season meaningless game.  Yes, the Spartans and TBirds played in the finals last season.  However, let us be realistic this game will not have the same feel.   Especially with a new cast of characters on both sides.

The contest itself will be hard to predict as both teams have had attendance issues.  On paper, you have to go with the Spartans who are still undefeated somehow.  We suppose Captain Junior lives by the motto – ‘Once a Champ Always a Champ!

No matter who shows, expect a lot of talking and complaining.  And some some good hitting. 

Score Prediction:

G1, Spartans 10, TBirds 7

G2, Spartans 12, TBirds 9

Week 6 Previews And Predictions Friday, Jun 29 2018


Week 6 Previews – Sun is OUT!


Series 1, @ 10:30 am, Field 14: ButcherZ vs. TBirds.  Two teams who have been to the final but fell victim to the Spartans will square off in a  mid-season contest.  Fact!  The ButcherZ are loaded at every position.   Yes even at catcher.  Their opponent, The TBirds appear to be facing chemistry issues.  The talent is there but overall play has lacked consistency.

The CSL experts see the ButcherZ moping the floor with the TBirds.  The Tbirds have baseball talent but that does not necessarily equate to softball success.  We see the ButcerZ defense putting a stop of their speed and bloops. On offense, the ButcherZ will display Masoom, Kunal, and the Commander himself.  The X factor would be is the right side of the defense for the Butcherz.  Let us see if the Tbirds can exploit and make a series out of it.

Score Prediction:

G1, ButcherZ 14, TBirds 8

G2, ButcherZ 11, TBirds 5


Series 2, @ 10:30 am, Field 15: Panthers vs Tigers.  If we had games over the past weeks, the entire CSL world would have seen how good the Panthers are really are.  Yes, they have former MVP’s Junior and Leo, Tony, and Shafi – They also have a deeper team led by Mike and Adrian and Softball Champ Naveed.  The Tigers meanwhile are trying to find their way with newcomers and some leftovers from DC. 

We see the Panthers sweeping with ease led by Captain Amin’s pitching.   The Tigers defense up the middle does not stand a chance with the liners coming their way.  Sorry Captain Chris. 

Score Prediction:

G1, Panthers 12, Tigers 4

G2, Panthers 15, Tigers 8


Series 3, @ 10:30 am, Field D: Hammerheads vs. Spartans.   The Spartans are not the powerhouse of the past two seasons but their captain has found a way to keep the team competitive and show the community they are gunning for the 3-peat.  Pops and Mike are leading the way for Captain Junior’s champions.  

This week, their opponent the Hammerheads will challenge them but unfortunately, it will be tough to win over the champions despite.  At the end of the day, the Spartans are still the class of CSL until someone knocks them out. 

Expect a lot of offense

Score Prediction:

G1, Spartans 14, HHs 4

G2, Spartans 15, HHs 3


Games Resume June 23 Wednesday, Jun 13 2018

Hey Folks,

The CSL will Resume June 23, 2018

ALL GAMES ARE ON TODAY Saturday, May 12 2018
Week 5 Previews Friday, May 11 2018

Rain Rain Stay Away


Week 5 Previews – All games at Eisenhower Park Starting at 10:30 am.  NOTE: There is rain in the forecast, so the start time could change or the games could be postponed depending on field conditions.  Maintain contact with your captain or the WhatsApp chat:


Series 1, @ 10:30 am, Field 14: Hammerheads vs. Tigers.  Two struggling teams square off in the hopes they can use this series to kick-start their season.  The Tigers have the offense but their defense needs a lot of polishing.   The Hammerheads need both offense and defense help.  Captain Owais gets them there each week despite the woes. 

The CSL experts the series to be error-filled and high scoring.  The Tigers will outlast the struggling HHs mainly due to the offensive prowess of Rob, Jose, and Saiful.  While the HHs are improving with the likes of George and Owais, there seems to be work needed.   The key is having all the players attend.

Score Prediction:

G1,  Tigers 15, Hammerheads 9

G2, Tigers 10, Hammerheads 8


Series 2, @ 10:30 am, Field 15: Panthers vs Wildcats.  If you like offense, you love this contest, as these two teams Offense is probably up there with the best of them.  The Wildcats love to hit homeruns led by Lefty and Mike – who can hit them hard and far.   The Panthers love to hit lasers and line drive through the holes who usually come from Tony and Leo and former MVP Junior.   

The contest will be filled with dingers and liners.  Therefore, both teams should get their gloves ready and play them deep.  The experts see the Wildcats sweeping, as they are gaining confidence each week.    The X factor will be pitching for both teams. Hint:  HIGH ARC All DAY.

Score Prediction:

G1, Wildcats 17, Panthers 12

G2, Wildcats 14, Panthers 13


Series 3, @ 10:30 am, Field D: ButcherZ vs. Spartans.   At last, the upper class of CSL will meet in the field with the fence to continue their on-going but very respectful rivalry.  We know the history – Spartans defeated ButcherZ in the chip game in Season 8, Ryan injury vs Spartans last season in a classic semifinal series where the Spartans prevailed 5 hours later, and so many other regular season matchups where both teams scorched the ball and put on a showcase for the fans.

As far as this contest, we see the ButcherZ winning mainly due to the fact they are further along in team chemistry and attendance with the powerful additions of Kunal and Masoom and return of Ryan.  The Champs are still perfect despite missing key people.  So what does that tell you?  The Spartans are still the team to beat.  Something tells us, Captain Junior will have something extra special stored for this one.

Score Prediction:

G1, ButcherZ 10, Spartans 7

G2, ButcherZ 12, Spartans 11 – extra innings

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Team Win Loss
Spartans 10 0
ButcherZ 10 2
Wildcats 5 5
Thunderbirds 5 7
Panthers 4 6
Tigers 2 8
Hammerheads 0 8
Team Player Avg
Spartans Gio 1
Thunderbirds Ramy Abdelhamid 1
ButcherZ Ray Lorenzo 0.929
Panthers Tony Martinez 0.929
Spartans Henry 0.889
Spartans Mike Pedemonte 0.882
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