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Week 2 Recap Monday, Apr 23 2018


Week 2 is in the books.  Well almost.  The Wildcats are protesting their game 1 versus the Spartans.  Until that is resolved, here are the recaps for Week 2.  For now, it is assumed the Spartans winning.

Series 1: The TBirds bolstered a young lineup and swept the talented Panthers soundly.  For the TBirds, it was the superb defense of Omar Sofizada and the offense of the OG Farooq which were the difference makers.

Game 1, TBirds 20, Panthers 5

Game 2, TBirds 19, Panthers 7

Series 2: The Spartans won both games by a close margin.  Game 1 was won via a time limit.  The Wildcats have protested that game.  Game 2, the Spartans won in a walk-off led by Mike's clutch hitting. 

Game 1,

Game 2,

Series 3: The BtucherZ led by the Commander and Kunal, defeat the newcomers the Hammerheads.  While the HHs showed some spirit and skill in week 2, they still have a ways to go to make noise in CSL.  

Game 1,Butcherz 16, HHs 6

Game 2,Butcherz 27, HHs 9


Additional details to be provided later.


Week 2 Previews Friday, Apr 20 2018

Week 2 Previews – All games at Eisenhower Park Starting at 11:00 am:

Series 1, @ 11:00 am, Field 14: Wildcards vs. Spartans.  The Wildcats are coming off two tough losses in week 1 versus the ButcherZ.  Let us see if they can shake off the losses, as they take on the two-time defending champions Spartans.  Captain Asad has his boys in the right direction but untimely errors need to be avoided for them to have long-term success.  Especially against good teams.   The Spartans are facing challenges of their own such as attendance and losing stars.  Captain Junior seems to have built yet another juggernaut that may hard to stop.

This series we see Wildcats playing better led by Zabi and Matt but the Spartans have to be considered favorites since they have their boppers still in place.

Score Prediction:

G1, Spartans 11, Wildcats 8

G2, Spartans 14, Wildcats 12


Series 2, @ 11:00 am, Field 15: Thunderbirds vs Panthers.  It is well known that some key members of these two teams have a long history in battling it out in CSL for over a decade.   Those suspects are: from Panthers -- Leo, Tony, Shafi, Naveed and Amin, From Thunderbirds – Farooq, Waqas, and Ramy.  These guys may look a little old but their passion has not waivered a bit.   Therefore, expect a slugfest in the series.

We anticipate a lot of offense mixed in with nifty defense especially from Leo, Ozzie, and Omar.  With Hyder in the mix for Panthers, look for him to add to the rivalry.  We predict a split since the talent seems very balanced.

Score Prediction:

G1, TBirds 12, Panthers 8

G2, Panthers 15, TBirds 5

Series 3, @ 11:00 am, Field D: ButcherZ vs. Hammerheads. We would be lying if we said the HHs had a good opening day performance.  However, Captain Owais is expecting relief in the likes of Moody and Faisal.  The bad news is that they are playing the powerful ButcherZ who feature Ray, the best defender in the league and last season’s MVP.  And so many more.

We see the ButcherZ dominating the series and win comfortably mainly because their offense is too strong for the upstart HHs to handle at this point. 

Score Prediction:

G1, ButcherZ  16, HHs 4

G2, ButcherZ  14, HHs 5

First Half Schedule Posted Wednesday, Apr 18 2018

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Week 2 Games Tuesday, Apr 17 2018
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Team Win Loss
Spartans 16 2
ButcherZ 14 4
Wildcats 10 8
Thunderbirds 9 9
Panthers 7 11
Tigers 6 12
Hammerheads 0 16
Team Player Avg
Thunderbirds Ramy Abdelhamid 1
Panthers Tony Martinez 0.955
Thunderbirds Karim Mozawalla 0.875
Spartans Joseury Lopez 0.867
Panthers Kunal Sra 0.833
Thunderbirds Ibrahim Mozawalla 0.815
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