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Schedule Update Thursday, Aug 16 2018

Good Day members.


Wantagh Park, Fields A, B, and C


1 King Rd. off Merrick Road, Wantagh:LI


3060 Merrick Rd Wantagh, NY 11793

Just south of Merrick Road, and just west of the Wantagh Parkway Overpass.

Panthers vs Tigers, Field A @ 10:30 am

ButcherZ vs Wildcats, Field B @ 10:30 am

Spartans  vs TBirds, Field C @ 10:30 am

08/04/2018 Games Friday, Aug 3 2018

Lets Try Again.  RAIN RAIN GO AWAY!

Previews (Weather Permitting):



Series 1: Wildcats vs TBirds, Field 14 @ 10;30 AM

The Wildcats have too much lefty power and speed to lose versus the struggling TBirds.  The TBirds lack offense and pitching to compete with the bats of Wildcats.  When it is all said and done, look for a sweep of the Birds.  Captain Asad has his team pointing in the right direction.

Game 1, Wildcats 14 TBirds 9

Game 2, Wildcats 12, TBirds 8


Series 2: Spartans vs Panthers, Field 15 @ 10;30 AM

Junior has a chance to get revenge versus his former team the Spartans.  Junior may have won multiple MVPs but this season he is struggling mightily.  Meanwhile, the Spartans have not skipped a beat since they won the chip.  3-Peat seems to be in the bag.  Captain Junior, Abdullah and Mike seem to be enjoying this season.  Can’t you hear their trash talk?

Game 1, Wildcats 14, Panthers 8

Game 2, Wildcats 12, Panthers 4


Series 3: Tigers vs ButcherZ, Field D @ 10;30 AM

Tigers have attendance issues, as well as finding steady offense.  They have Saiful and Rob but the ButcherZ are a legit powerhouse and will sweep the upstart Tigers soundly.  There is a reason the Commander signed Masoom, Kunal, and company.  ButcherZ are looking beyond this series.  Sorry Chris. 

Game 1, ButcherZ 19, Tigers 9

Game 2, ButcherZ 17, Tigers 2


July 28 Previews Friday, Jul 27 2018

July 28 Previews – The Heat is On!

Series 1, @ 10:30 am, Field 14: Butcherz vs. Thunderbirds.  At one time we expected this to be a match-up of the week but it appears the TBirds are fading fast.  Whether is the lack of attendance, chemistry, this does not seem to be the year to the TBirds.  Meanwhile, their opponent the ButcherZ have been knocking on the door for the past few seasons and this team seems to be the best. 

The contest between these two will be not be close.  The ButcherZ are better in almost every position.  Therefore, look for a sound sweep for the ButcherZ. 

G1, ButcherZ 14, TBirds 8

G2, ButcherZ 12, TBirds 5


Series 2, @ 10:30 am, Field 15: Spartans vs Tigers.  Sure, the Spartans lost one last week.  However, no one thinks they will suffer a loss versus the subpar and attendance-ridden Tigers this week.  The Spartans offense led by Mike, Sammy, Abdullah, and Pops is too potent for a let-down this week.  The Tigers have some consisten hitters but the overall team is no match for the Champs. 

We expect the Spartans to make quick work of the not so roaring Tigers

Score Prediction:

G1, Spartans 15, Tigers 4

G2, Spartans 15, Tigers 7


Series 3, @ 10:30 am, Field D: Panthers vs. Wildcats.   It seems the Panthers have secured Field D as their home in the second half of the season.  Well if I am the Panthers, I would not get so excited because the Wildcat lefties are known for towering shots over the fence. 

The series of the week will come down to which team can out-slug the other.  Tony, Mike, and rest of the Panthers are a forceful bunch who generate runs via speed and gapers.  The Wildcats walk and hit boppers.  Captain Asad knows that with Mike and Lefty on his squad, his team is never out of it.  In fact, this duo forms the best one-two punch in CSL.  The community sees a split though, as the Panthers and Co-Captain Shafi will not lay down for anyone.   And considering the lack of defensive focus for the Wildcats.

Score Prediction:

G1, Panthers 13, Wildcats 8

G2, Wildcats 14, Panthers 12


July 21 Previews Friday, Jul 20 2018

July 21 Previews – Dog Days of Summer

Series 1, @ 10:30 am, Field 14: Tigers vs. Thunderbirds.  Both teams are coming off being swept last week.  The TBirds defense has been questionable while the Tigers defense is even worse.  Offensively speaking both teams are formidable.

The CSL community sees this contest as a split as both teams have been playing inconsistently.  The key for the TBirds is establishing a pitcher that can throw strikes.  The Tigers just need to shore up their attendance and right side of the defense.

Look for lead changes, errors, and overall sloppy play.  Score Prediction:

G1, Tigers 12, TBirds 8

G2, TBirds 15, Tigers 5


Series 2, @ 10:30 am, Field 15: Wildcats vs Spartans.  Two offensively potent teams will square off at Eisenhower Park.  The good news for the Spartans is that there is no fence.  Therefore, the deep shots by the Wildcats lefties can be tracked.  The bad news is that the lefty bros hit liners as well.  The Spartans offense is not so bad either led by EVERYONE.  Folks, there is a reason why the Spartans are 10-0 and reigning back-to-back champs.

The community expects two fun games with excellent hitting and good defense.  This is an opportunity for the Wildcats to take the next step and show the CSL world that they are ready to compete with the big boys.

Score Prediction:

G1, Wildcats 11, Spartans

G2, Spartans 13, Wildcats 9


Series 3, @ 10:30 am, Field D: Panthers vs. ButcherZ.  The series of the week will feature two teams who know how to play the game if at full strength.  Junior Diaz, who left the Spartans and joined the Panthers, is really struggling and batting below .400.  Could this be the week he wakes up and jump-starts his season? 

Other than the losses to the Spartans, the ButcherZ are perfect thus far.  With Kunal, Ray, Shadesh, and company, It seems the ButcherZ are primed for a run to the Chip game.  Meanwhile, their opponent, the Panthers are struggling to stay over .500 mainly due to attedance issues.  But with Leo, Tony, and Mike in the mix, the Panthers are always dangerous.  

And for that reason, the community predicts a split.

Score Prediction:

G1, Panthers 12, ButcherZ 8

G2, ButcherZ 12, Panthers 7



Week 8 Previews - July 14 Friday, Jul 13 2018

Week 8 Previews – MID-POINT

Series 1, @ 10:30 am, Field 14: Tigers vs. Wildcats.  Tigers mercy ruling the TBirds last week in game 1 shows they are not a fluke.  With Saiful and Jonny setting the tones for Captain Chris and his boys, the Tigers can beat any given team.  Their opponent this week will be the Wildcats who are hard to figure out.  Yes, they have the most powerful lefty lineup but why are they still a middle of the pack team?  Captain Asad has the offense prepared but their defense needs to make the routine plays if they want to compete with the big boys. 

The contest itself we see a split.  The Tigers will exploit the holes and a muster a way to win one of the two games.  The Wildcats offense is too powerful to not win at least a game.  Look for a lopsided score in the game the Wildcats win.  Score Prediction:

G1, Tigers 12, Wildcats 10

G2, Wildcats 16, Tigers 4


Series 2, @ 10:30 am, Field 15: Panthers vs ButcherZ.  Being swept last week by the Spartans tells us the ButcherZ are still not close to get over the hurdle called the Spartans.  Until then, the ButcherZ need to focus on their defense and timely hitting.   The upcoming contest vs the speedy and mighty Panthers will not be easy as the Amin led boys are starting to heat up led by Junior and Leo. 

The community sees this as a sweep for the Panthers because the ButcherZ do not perform well against teams that generate runs via hard liners and speed.  If the ButcherZ want to have success, they need to cut the ball off quick and limit the extra bases for the Panthers.  People like Mike and Leo can convert a single into a triple.  On offense, the ButhcerZ are generating 18 runs a game but for some reason, they do not score as much in the later innings.  Maybe this preview will wake up the ButcherZ.

Score Prediction:

G1, Panthers 14, ButcherZ 12

G2, Panthers 15, ButcherZ 9


Series 3, @ 10:30 am, Field D: Thunderbirds vs. Spartans.   Two veteran teams who have been battling it out for the season will square off in a mid-season meaningless game.  Yes, the Spartans and TBirds played in the finals last season.  However, let us be realistic this game will not have the same feel.   Especially with a new cast of characters on both sides.

The contest itself will be hard to predict as both teams have had attendance issues.  On paper, you have to go with the Spartans who are still undefeated somehow.  We suppose Captain Junior lives by the motto – ‘Once a Champ Always a Champ!

No matter who shows, expect a lot of talking and complaining.  And some some good hitting. 

Score Prediction:

G1, Spartans 10, TBirds 7

G2, Spartans 12, TBirds 9

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More News
Team Win Loss
Spartans 16 2
ButcherZ 14 4
Wildcats 10 8
Thunderbirds 9 9
Panthers 7 11
Tigers 6 12
Hammerheads 0 16
Team Player Avg
Thunderbirds Ramy Abdelhamid 1
Panthers Tony Martinez 0.955
Thunderbirds Karim Mozawalla 0.875
Spartans Joseury Lopez 0.867
Panthers Kunal Sra 0.833
Thunderbirds Ibrahim Mozawalla 0.815
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